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Leo Hart

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Open Source Missionaris

Based on my social involvement and legacy, I have been involved in various Open Source IT issues and successful implementations for years to make our world a better place and more independent with fair IT solutions.


Raoul Kramer

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

As a Design Thinker and Innovation Manager I have a broad experience facilitating innovation processes from conducting research to implementing solutions within a wide variety of contexts and cultures. I bridge the gap between the client, the user and technology, often using available resources. Believing everything is possible, live testing is the best while iterating on the fly and loves it when a plan comes together.

My daily work with exist on persuading organisations to use Open-Source software on a Green, Scalable and Secure infrastructure.


Michael Nieuwenweg

DevOps & Security Advisor

Devops and Information manager with a solid IT background. Eager to learn and interested in people and technology.


Boris Moeskops

Application Manager & Supportdesk

Natalia Merchan

Project Manager Spanish language countries

Fundraising professional with experience in Fundraising (Major Gifts, Foundations, Institutional Donors) and Project Management. Proven track record in raising multi year grants, proposal writing and reporting as well as developing and implementing global initiatives under tight deadlines. Specialist in Grant Management and CRM applications


Nic Verbij

Data Analyst & BI specialist

I am most in my element when I can work with issues that can be solved by smart use of data. The possibilities of data fascinate me because it can be used almost everywhere. The use of this data is socially relevant, especially within politics and government, and that is exactly what I want to commit myself to. I start pilots to demonstrate whether a solution works and to bring people along and share knowledge.