Research and Selection

Our goal is to be always up to date with the development of new OpenSource applications. With this knowledge we help organizations to select and match the right opensource tools with their business processes.


When organizations start using new applications they need help to figure out how configure them fitting their business processes, migrate data and train user how to use the tools best. We help organizations implementing opensource applications like Consul,, CiviCRM, SuiteCRM, BigBlueButton, Nextcloud and others.

Change Management

When your organizations sees the light and acknowledges that only solar panels and organic food does not make a better world jet, take a look at your software and IT structure. We help organization in the transition to OpenSource software hosted with green energy, secure and safe. In that way your organization can also work digitally fair, ethical and green.


Often organizations don’t have the capacity to run applications on-premise, with Participation.Tools we host OpenSource Software as a Service for public organizations. We can provide you safe and secure greenly hosted applications such as Consul,, CiviCRM, SuiteCRM, BigBlueButton, Nextcloud

Information Management

In the complex world of IT, public, political or charity organizations need help to figure out what they use and what they need in IT means. With our help organizations can scale-up our down efficiently and often end up saving (lots) of money plus a firm restructuring of the (internal) processes.


For our work we need to be up to date about what is happening in the field of IT, opensource, participation, (digital) democracy and civic tech. In collaboration with our fantastic partners that work in the social responsible field we organize events and knowledge exchange addressing these topics.