Services & Consultancy

Research and Selection

Our goal is to be always up to date with the development of new OpenSource applications. With this knowledge we help organizations to select and match the right opensource tools with their business processes.

Events and Education

For our work we need to be up to date about what is happening in the field of IT, opensource, participation, (digital) democracy and civic tech. In collaboration with our fantastic partners that work in the social responsible field we organize events and knowledge exchange addressing these topics.

Try with Tech Labs

To help organizations find out heir online digital processes and tools needs we organize pilots and learning launches with existing -and proven- opensource tools. In this way we can draw an inventory of your needs and features for the next steps.

Information Management

In the complex world of IT, public sectors, political or charity organizations we are here to figure out what you want to use and what you need in IT matters. With our consult you can scale-up or down efficiently. You will often end up saving (lots) of money plus a firm restructuring of the (internal) processes.

Change Management

When your organizations sees the light and acknowledges that only solar panels and organic food does not make a better world yet, take a look at your software and IT structure. We help organization in the transition to OpenSource software hosted with green energy, secure and safe. In that way your organization can also work digitally fair, ethical and green. You can say goodbye to your expensive contracts and your dependence on expensive suppliers