Freelance Content Writer

We are looking for a freelance content writer for our websites, educational publications and newsletters. On an ongoing basis. Our wonderful stories and lessons learned helping our clients over the years need to be shared and published. Important is your affinity with Open-Source software, the public and NGO sector and the ability to write in… Continue reading Freelance Content Writer

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oplossingen gebaseerd op consensus De laatste tijd krijgen we van meerdere instanties de vraag “Is er een tool waarmee we oplossingen voor problemen kunnen crowdsourcen en deze vervolgens rangschikken, gebaseerd op consensus?” “Polis is a real-time system for gathering, analyzing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words, A by advanced… Continue reading

Noodgedwongen online vergaderen en videobellen

Werkend Nederland is massaal overgeschakeld op online vergaderen en videobellen, noodgedwongen, deels onwennig. We krijgen veel vragen over tools om veilig thuis te werken. Op het nieuws verschijnen veel berichten over de gevaren en nadelen van het gebruik van deze tools zoals Zoom en Slack. Vaak worden deze door werknemers uit eigen initiatief ingezet, wat… Continue reading Noodgedwongen online vergaderen en videobellen

Free but a hassle

A reoccurring complaint was that CiviCRM didn’t work properly, and after questioning, we found out that people struggled with keeping their system and procedures up to date. We encounter these types of problems more with open source software implementations.

Our Best Hope for Civil Discourse Online

It is wonderful to read in our favorite magazine Wired how the sub-reddit ChangeMyView showcases as an example as Our Best Hope for Civil Discourse Online. Especially because ChangeMyView founder Kal Turnbull was one of our selected speaker at the 2017 session of Innovating Democracy

We love experimenting

Welcome to our new site it is not quite finished yet but it is never to early to start. For the nerds: this website started as a experiment our front-end (theme) is based on Foxhound. The React-based theme is the first to use the REST API endpoints included in WordPress 4.7. So a java script… Continue reading We love experimenting