5 pillars for Sustainable IT

What’s the problem?

In today’s world, the IT business is dominated by only a few large IT companies. This means a high dependence on these suppliers. Where they are concerned about profit, stock-exchange and tax avoidance. From tax-funded wind farms intended for our citizens, bought through clever tricks to serve as a Big-Tech Data Centre.

If we want to make the IT business more sustainable, we have to do so from all angles. We will not realise these goals with Wind energy solely.

What do we want to achieve?

We are convinced by following the five pillars. Together we can create a modern, fair and sustainable IT landscape where you are at the helm.


Through transparency within open source and our methodologies, users can see how the processes in the software work. Who wrote the code and whether there are errors in it. It is also important which suppliers are in the chain. By working with open-source IT means, you save on license costs and you work much more independently.

Better for our environment

IT does not have to contribute to the pollution of our climate. Existing spaces can be used by us, so that no new data centers need to be used. Residual heat can be used immediately without loss. Making optimal use of- and choosing the right supply-chain, not only helps to create a better environment. It also reduces your costs.

Good for People

Your ease of use does not have to be at the expense of other people’s quality of life. Multiple Big-Tech Corporates find it acceptable to violate people’s rights for financial gain. Employees may not be union members e.g. Where’s the ethics? Making money is fine, but not at the expense of others.

Safe and Secure

The sun rises for nothing, often IT applications are “free” because this is a revenue model of these suppliers to trade your data. We do not believe this is fair and on the other hand very unsafe. By using open-source software, it can be seen which type of data is used and whether there are vulnerabilities in it. Applications require minimal data to serve you. We make open-source applications as secure as possible. Less is More Secure

Fair Share

Many big-tech companies choose to use complicated structures to pay as little or even no tax as possible and increase profits. This is anti-social. By choosing companies that do pay tax, we ensure together that our public infrastructure continues to exist. In the long term, everyone benefits from this.