Self-determination about your own data gives you more! Change will come.

We have to admit, our workfield is very divers, while we have one project running in Vientiane – Laos, our other project had a kick-off in Bogota Colombia. At the same time.

Nevertheless we had some time to have some great chats via our Nextcloud integrated chatapp Talk to talk about our projects and to support our clients based in the Netherlands. Our devop guy in Atlanta worked well and had probably the hardest task to deal with GMT -6 vs. GMT + 7 etc.

We came, one in Laos, one in Colombia and our 3d partner in Haarlem, working on the different projects, to a powerful conclusion, when organisations have the ability to work with their own data it gives them so much more power in their mission. Luckily society driven programs like CiviCRM and Consul, where we work with in all our projects, do give these enhancements in optimum.

What has to change for mission driven organisations? Like political parties and charity organisations?

We presented via our Twitter channel already a very interesting interview with Professor Shoshana Zuboff concerning the rise of the new digital powers, and in many topics related to our work-field she is so right! Why should you give your OWN data into the hands of NOT YOURSELF? When you have the chance to read the latest from Shoshana Zuboff, please do, it is mind-blowing.

And with not yourself you can imagine in whom would love to have your data. Even very much respectable human rights organisations are using Google while at the same time protesting against it. Is this the famous catch 22? Or is it morely a lack of trust in your own people, or what they are able to work on, besides managing contracts?

Surely you can use the products of the big corporations, even to outsource your own mission. But does it comply with your own mission ethically? And… are costs a driver for your organisation? Please be aware that Open Source is not only ch aper at the beginning, because the software is so-called free, but at the end you and your organisations are better off, independent without a vendor lockin and much more in line with your own organisation or business management

In the meantime we will continue our work with independent Open Source software like CiviCRM and Consul, and we strongly belief, change will come!